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Programmable Element Option

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Programmable Element Option


Dual Fuel provides use of your towel warmer from the central heating system in winter and with your electric element during the summer months.


To convert your rail to Dual Fuel:

  1. Select a rail suitable for dual fuel conversion
  2. Select the relevant element size for your rail (details of recommended elements listed on individual rails)
  3. Select your choice of Radiator Valve – sold in pairs (Angled or Straight)
  4. Arrange for a suitably qualified electrician to fit your rail

Element & Programmable Control Details:

Control your dual fuel towel rail to pre-warm your bathroom Monday-Sunday and turn off when your towel is dry and your bathroom warm.

  • LCD Display with actual time (clock) and temperature
  • Multi-step temperate setting in a range of 30-60 degC
  • Advanced timer feature with 2 time zones
  • High quality and modern design touch keypad
  • Double protection against overheating
  • Alarm modes to identify sensor fault and overheating
  • Automatic anti-freeze function to prevent liquid from freezing when temperatures fall below 5-7 degC
  • Includes chrome T-Piece