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Suites & Sanitaryware

          The QX Bathroom Suite range has never been greater with so many fantastic designs and
          options available to enhance your specific taste and size of bathroom, all providing great quality,
          specification and value for money, and available with soft close and easy release seats for your

          New Rimless technology also provides cleaning advantages and additional comfort height pans
          can also accommodate more comfortable options, for taller or less able people.

          We have also introduced more short projection options for smaller bathrooms or when space is
          more crucial, as well as additional back-to-wall and wall-hung pans to cater for more
          mediterranean and minimalistic designs.

          Our designs have moved into the premier league in recent years with fresh, new, modern design
          options, with curved and square options equally in demand.

          NEW - We recommend you take a look at our new Crea Round and Square Close Coupled Suites,
          as well as the new Rimini and Verona Wall-Hung Pans & Basins, which would grace any new
          bathroom. Finally the new Ritz and Eton Close Coupled Suites also target the luxury and value
          market sectors.

       WC’s At A Glance

       Price is for Close Coupled WC Suite including Seat

                        VALUE SUITE
                                730                                    400
                                  426                                                                         0
                          435                                480            350                                                 5

                         800                                  860
                                                                           390                                   90
                                                                180                                  190
        Ebony - p75 & Alpha Trade Brochure  Legend - p75 & Alpha Trade Brochure  Carolina - See p48
        £149.00 Exc. VAT £178.80 Inc. VAT   £201.00 Exc. VAT £241.20 Inc. VAT   £213.00 Exc. VAT £255.60 Inc. VAT



                            SHORT                                                                   185
                                                                                 Carolina Elevated Height - See p77
        NEW Eton Open Sided - See p46       Classic Nouveau - See p70            £233.00 Exc. VAT £279.60 Inc. VAT
        £220.00 Exc. VAT £264.00 Inc. VAT  RIMLESS  £221.00 Exc. VAT £265.20 Inc. VAT
                                            Priced with Wood Lux Standard Seat   COMFORT HEIGHT PAN
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